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Temple Dublin's Vision

Temple creates beautiful, modern apartments inside Dublin’s historic buildings. We believe that the city’s young professionals deserve high quality urban homes geared for their life, work and play. We deliver contemporary space saving design in trustworthy long life materials. We believe in the city.

Temple Team is...


Henrik Johansson

Henrik is a former high-stakes poker player. He is responsible for the overall investment strategy.
He creates bridges between business development and risk adjustment. He is a committed risk profiler and skilful opportunity assessor.

Noel Brennan

Noel is responsible for property upgrade and design. He has been in the project from day one, working on creative strategy and organisational development.
Noel combines his academic and technical interests with a passion for making things.


Caio Martins

Caio is Temple’s analyst.
He works on systematizing company research.

He takes the initiative to discover key variables that refine our strategy.


Coming Soon, New ideas, New Designs, and New Opportunities.
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